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About The Bull & Butterfly

During an interview I was asked to describe myself. Summing my personality up in words has always been a challenge because I’ve always felt like there are two sides of me fighting for control. There is a part of me that is strong, stubborn, and bold like a bull (BTW: I’m a Taurus). But, there is another side that is gentle and free like a butterfly. So, I smiled and responded in my truest authentic form and replied, “I am a cross between a bull and butterfly.”

If I had to provide cookie cutter  descriptions of myself, I’d tell you I am a great storyteller; an Author of amazing stories that empower and entertain readers.  I’m an entrepreneur, a healthy image consultant and a blogger who shoots strait from the hip.  Cutting through all the fluff, I simply teach people how to get their mind right so they can accomplish their goals and enjoy life. Now that we have that out of the way, I’m really just a girl from Detroit by way of Mississippi that loves to write both fiction and non-fiction that inspires and entertains.  I love sweet tea, a comfortable pair of jeans with holes in all the right places, a crisp white t-shirt, stilettos, a to-die-for handbag and anything or anyone made in Mississippi!  I believe in living life authentically and being the best possible version of me I can be.

I believe each person has something extraordinary living inside waiting to be rediscovered. Life has taught me valuable lessons; beauty comes from within, can’t should not be in your vocabulary, accept nothing less than extraordinary, and when you are true to yourself you will live life without limits.

Above all, I simply love to empower people to change the way they see themselves! The Bull & Butterfly blog/vlog is where I share honest thoughts, personal adventures, and authentic ideas with you! To learn more about me visit kiffanydugger.com.

To contact Kiffany, please email kiffany@kiffanydugger.com